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Are you looking for a great staff to work your next event?

Are you worried your guests are going to be bored, or that your promotional event won’t be worth the money you spent on it?

Are you tired of dealing with unprofessional, apathetic event staff and you just want someone to do an AMAZING job without you having to BREATHE DOWN THEIR NECKS all the time?

Well, you’re in the right place!

InnoEvent has the highest quality personnel for all private, corporate, and marketing events.

Why should you use InnoEvent?

  • Our staff actually CARES
  • We have several unique uniform variations to personalize your event even more
  • We offer comprehensive, 24-hour customer service assistance
  • We do personal parties AND big promotional events… other companies can’t compete!

Servers, bartenders, cocktail waitresses, and promotional models are just the tip of the iceberg.

At InnoEvent, our goal is to provide personalized attention to every detail of your event, from planning and staffing to flawless execution… this is what sets us apart.

No matter your need, our highly-trained personnel will make your event memorable and fun!

CALL TODAY to book us for your next event!  832-290-2971

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